Funny Random Things to Text

When you get bored, what is the funny random things to text to your friends or someone that you don’t know him/her too well? These are some examples.

funny random things to text

“News today: A mother and son were killed by a lightning strike, now The Polices are trying to catch the lightning.”

“According to a recent study, 100% the cause of someone’s death is heart attact… the heart stopped beating.”

“Who am I?!”

“Congratulations you’ve just got a gift, toll-free for one year. It’s easy, turn off your phone and turn on again next year.”

“Are you depressed, bored, want to commit suicide? Call us, we serve poison, hanging, mutilation, electrocution, also rent a roof top for jumping from height.”

“I lay in my room, I stare at the stars that shine brightly, I feel the moonlight shining on me, then I think for a moment …. Where is my roof?”


Funny Random Things to Text a Girl


“Hi, if you need advice, text me.  If you need friend, call me.  If you need help, email me.  If you need money, the number you’re calling can not be used.”

“When I look at the stars it was so beautiful, then I look at you… I… I would rather look at the stars again.”

“If some guy starts texting you but they pretend have the wrong number just reply back with : you have wrong number like lol cat haz cheeseburger.”

“Where you last left your underwear?”

“I know where you are.  I think that one would be strangely creepy but hilarious at the same time.”


Funny Random Things to Text a Guy


“My mother told me if my boyfriend try to hold my breasts. I have to say: DON’T.  If he slowly begin to touch my lower body, then say: STOP.
But he did both, then I said: DON’T STOP!”

“Having glimpsed the man who was in the shower, a monkey muttered with a laugh: a strange man, his tail is very short and is located in the front!”

“Hot News: To increase the power attack, the America’s national football team will be equipped with tanks and bazooka.”

“Felling tired doing the banana kick, Lionel Messi will try citrus kick.”

“I am not stupid, I am blond!!! B – L – O – N – T”

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